Shapes! Toddler Kids Games,Baby Boys Learning Free App Reviews

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My little one is lovin this app

Good graphics

Bright,clear, appealing graphics draw little users to the screen. The simplicity of the shapes make the app appropriate for children younger than the recommended age. Music is annoying. Turn it off!

Great for learning entertainment

Keeps kids busy and learning while you wait for appointments or when you need them to stop crying in public. You also dont get judged by the older generation as its a learning app and not a movie


Carina è gratis. Molto bene


My 22 months old toddler is addicted to it!

Great for our 2 year old

Our 2 year old loves this app!! He gets excited when he playing the game and getting the shapes right!!!

My toddler loves it!

Great app without the mess!

Amazing !

My two year old loves it!

My toddler enjoys it

My two year old daughter loves to play it. Entertaining for her.

For granddaughter

Shes learning shapes and colors at 3!!

Shapes App

My son loves this app! And since it says the colors and shapes out loud he repeats them and has learned them playing this!

Love this app

Such a great learning app for my toddler whos 1. Shes not only learning her colors but her shapes as well and its great for brain development.

Awesome app

This app is fantastic , it keeps my son busy and is the app that taught him how to use touch screen phones . Thank you !!!!!


My 2 year old loves this ❤️❤️

Great game

My 21 month old loves playing this game.

Love this game

My son loves this game. He is learning and its great!

Great game!

My 2 year old is learning his shapes! He already knew a few colors but his games has reinforced them & he more readily identified them! Great game.


My daughter requests this game and congratulates herself when she gets it correct now. Shes actually 2 not 5 and understands well


The best app for my bb... Great way to learn


16 month old loves it and quickly was able to match shapes.

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